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The Ultimate Podcast Planning Checklist

For Bootstrapping

Beginner Podcasters

Podcasting is the hottest content marketing trend—you know that—but how do you even get started with the process? The Ultimate Podcast Checklist is 34 pages of step-by-step goodness for the bootstrapping podcast newbie.

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Your Podcast Launch Code.

Made for Sumo-lings by a Sumo-ling.

Our ‘Find Your Podcast Why’ system will uncover what you know about your listeners—and yourself—BEFORE investing your precious time and money.

You’re a bootstrapper looking for the best deals. The goal is for you to get your first setup and understand what’s out there for your first editing and equipment upgrades.

We’ve compiled a 27-point checklist, so you’re not overwhelmed while hitting the key points. This is your podcast launch code.

Our 'AppSumo for Podcasters' section delivers gives you hot tips for finding AppsSumo deals for your podcast.

There's no faster way to get your podcast in front of your audience. Ready to start planning your podcast?

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Here's What's Inside

  • 34 value-packed pages in this fillable PDF
  • 3 helpful videos
  • eBook updates (this is a live document!)
  • Uncover your podcasting secret sauce: what you offer your audience and why you want to have a show
  • How to create a podcast budget you can afford
  • Expert advice for the best podcasting software (editing, hosting, music, social media, and more)
  • Hot tips for the best microphones to get you started
  • 27-key things you MUST DO before your podcast launch
  • How to find the BEST AppSumo deals to create and promote your new show
  • Our podcast setup (sneak peek behind the curtain)
  • All For Only $3 (exclusively on AppSumo)!